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Search engine optimization or SEO is a technique which aids search engines like Google, yahoo, bing, ask etc to find & rank your website superior than the thousands of other websites in reply to a search request. Search engine optimization thus aids you to magnetize traffic from a number of search engines. As a result of using SEO services from “SEO CONSULTANCY INDIA” your website will get enhanced online presence & you’re with the help of your targeted keywords your website will attain #1Rank in SERPs.

On Page Optimization

On Page SEO is done to make sure that your site is search engine friendly. If your site is not optimized then there are very low prospects of getting good results in the search engines. On page SEO factors informs search engines about the theme of your web-site & what keywords should search engine use or bear in mind while ranking your site.

We at “Seo Services India” work towards intensifying your presence online and perking the rank of your website in the SERPs. Our On-Page optimization experts will not just gravely inspect each & every web pages of your website and give careful On-Page optimization guidelines on keyword density, Meta tags, title tags, headers, etc. but will also keep an eye on elements such as internal links, URLs, index ability of your content and on the whole visitors experience.

With our On-Page optimization Services, we offer -

1. Seo Consulting - SEO Services India also provides service of SEO consulting to its clients. If you have a website and you want to promote your website through SEO consulting service for your website. We provide suggestions to promote your website in the search engines and in the internet world.

2. Website Analysis - Website Analysis is the first and important activity in SEO. Before starting the on page optimization we have to do your website analysis from the views of search engines, from the views of users, from the view of your business and also we have to check the server side problem related to your website. And then accordingly we would make changes to do changes on your website to make it SEO Friendly.

3. Keyword Research - Keyword Research is the very important process in Search Engine Optimization. In Keyword Research part we do keyword Research related to your business keywords. We create a list of your business related keywords and then we optimize your website on most popular keywords which are most used by the people in the search engines for business related services.

4. Body Code optimization and checking the validity of HTML codes - In Body Content Optimization we do optimization of your body content. We optimize your body content through different activities like add Alt Tag in images, add Proper Link and Proper Title Tag to the Anchor Text, Use of Bold, Italics and Underline to the related and important keywords or sentences and we make your content SEO friendly and also user attractive

5. Employing On-Page SEO techniques in the Meta tags, URL, Alt tag, Headings, Title, Hypertext Links, and analyzing density of keyword - In Meta Tag Optimization we create various Meta tag for your website. In Meta tag we create SEO friendly Title, Description, Keywords, Robots tags etc. Meta Tags show the information about your website to the search engines and also to the users

6. Improved page rank and indexing in SERP via On-page optimization

Off Page Optimization

Off page SEO, is the job carried outside the web-site and is not typically evident to the spectators but outcomes in pressing upwards the ranks of the website in search engine results. The excellent the off page optimization is, the superior the website performance will be in the search engine rankings. “Seo Consultancy India” smartly toils to get improved link building, enhancing a site’s online credibility, perking the overall performance of the site, as off page optimization practices.

Few things we do while Off page optimization -

• Search Engine Submission
• Directory Submission
• Business Directory Submission
• Social Bookmarking
• Link Exchange
• Link Baiting
• Local Citations
• Photo Sharing
• Video Promotions
• Article Submission
• Press Release Promotion
• PDF & Doc Sharing
• Info graphics Submission
• Social Networking
• Blogging
• Guest Posting & Sponsor Postings
• Forum Postings
• RSS Submissions

Helping you get the best results

“Seo Services India” provides amenities for re-tooling and tailoring a web-site so that it attains a high rank on SERP (search engine results pages). Our wide-ranging search engine endorsement tools (Off-page & On-page SEO) optimize your web-sites better than your competitors. We assist our customers all the time to leap at the forefront of all their competitors in means of online presence, enhanced website traffic and as a result overall leads & later profits.

Our SEO services are intended under the guidelines provided by Google and all processes are done with white hat SEO techniques. We make certain to supply Google Panda and Penguinaccommodating SEO services to our clients so that our clients from all over the planet can get the most excellent website ranking & targeted traffic.


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