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Social Media Optimization or SMO is the tactic of improving your online presence by gaining connections, fans, followers and visitors. At SEO CONSULTANCY INDIA we aid you to get your hands on #1 ranking on all search engine results by setting out influential SMO line of attack. We make use of Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc. for executing Social Media Optimization (SMO). Social Media Optimization has appeared as one of the most competent and money-making arm of online marketing. Normally, SMO includes tactical positioning of your creations or brand name, which is noticeable to the millions of eyes that are constantly gazing in the ocean of the social networking web-sites.

SMO Services – An Essential in Today’s Scenario

There are a number of reasons why you ought to go for SMO Services :
• Spreading alertness: SMO services are the most excellent way of make alertness. With the rising employ of SMO web-sites, it is probable to magnetize highest traffic to your web-site.
• Reasonably priced: We will make sure that you get total SMO services within your mean prices. With SEO CONSULTANCY INDIA you get the affordable, most finest & quality SMO services.
• Proper Monitoring: You can without any trouble monitor the amount of fans you’re gaining and administer your media hype as we assist you with the same.

SEO consultancy India Social Media Optimization Services comprise-

1. Infographics – A latest trend in Digital Marketing a vital division of SMO services. We help you to nurture to be a branch of the most vibrant and business significant infographics and thus generating online presence of your product in the online community.
2. Blogging services – This is a type of service in which you passionately involve yourself in appropriate blogs of your domain precise business, in the course of Blog posting service (generally recognized as Blogging), posting of comment services for generating individuality and brand alertness.
3. Video submissions - Video creating & submission is a praiseworthy plus and effective way of confirming your expertise and establishment of brand value of your business in online market. Our imaginatively intended creative Video’s are extremely effective and can advantageously help you in generating viewers online.

Why to select “SEO Consultancy India” SMO Services

We facilitate you to create and uphold your brand efficiently; some vital points that describe our specialized services are:-

• Specialized Team: Our team of experts consists of expert SMO Consultants, Content Writers, etc. With SEO Consultancy India your business site will surely attain new levels of success.
• Traffic to Your Web-site: We shall assist you to magnetize large amount of traffic and get hold of your target viewers. We shall make certain that you obtain brand alertness and conquer notable rankings in the SEPRs.
• Set-up Brand Status: We facilitate you to create your brand name together with stabilizing it. We make use of the finest social media techniques along with a unique line of attack to help things move smoothly.

Social Media Marketing Services

Today, the world is connected by several social networking avenues. While these avenues provide people from diverse backgrounds a platform to stay connected with each other and engage in exchange of formal as well as informal information, they also play a vital role in developing and promoting business opportunities and brand values. Search engines are increasingly identifying and recognizing the buzz created by many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, so on and so forth. It is thus important for businesses to find and secure a place on such avenues in order to acquire higher ranking in the search engines on the internet. It enables businesses to generate an online presence and fan following, along with linking it to the main business website, thereby accentuating the traffic to the latter.

In a world where products and services are now being sold solely based on the virtual word of mouth” as compared to few years back where business was driven by million dollar corporate advertisements, it’s imperative that entrepreneurs identify with the indispensable nature of social media marketing and use it as a tool to promote their business objectives.

This can be done through several websites in the offing. Some of them have been mentioned below:


When we think of social networking sites, the first one that comes to our minds invariably is Facebook. A website that started as an appetizer project for a group of students in Harvard has now completely taken over the way people think and portray themselves in the world of internet. Hence the need to have a Facebook presence!

Facebook offers distinct ways to offer you a chance to engage in Social Media Marketing in order to promote your website. We specialize in navigating through Facebook and finding innovative methods to ensure effective utilization of the available online space. We have a team of experts specifically dedicated to this area of work who could help you to enhance your business prospects by making the best use of offers like creating groups, creating fan pages, developing network of professionals, connecting with important/clients, etc. Getting an online space is very easy but managing it well and optimizing it in order to make the best use of the same is somewhere our team of experts could help you with.


Like Facebook, even Twitter offers a wide range of services mandated by some simple prerequisites like signing-up and writing a short background design to elucidate upon your corporate presence. In addition employing the available tools/ techniques like CoTweet, Social oomph, etc could further your business goals to a considerable extent. Frequent with the way it can be operated and familiarity with its various applications and media marketing options, our team of experts has a lot of experience in engaging in successful attempts to promote corporate objectives and strategies.


LinkedIn is one of the well-established and fastest growing social networking sites for professional occupations networking. Since its inception, it has solely been geared toward business oriented crowd, hence one of the best avenues to promote your business through its media marketing options.

We can help you with promoting your business goals on LinkedIn by creating a meaningful online presence as a reference point that would be used by your potential clients and other people in your network to stay connected with you. LinkedIn requires professionals to follow a specific format of sharing information and makes it mandatory for them to move level-wise in the process of establishing networks. Our experts can assist you with developing appropriate keyword specific words that would move your space top in the order of ranking on search engines. They could also assist you in making your profile and network active and interactive among your network connection. Another service offered by us would include establishing cross-links between .different websites and leveraging upon the third party connections such as slideShare, Box. Net, etc. Keeping a regular track what needs to be updated on the profile would also be undertaken by our team.

If you are an entrepreneur and are seeking for experts who could enable you to create niche marketing space in the social media world, you have reached the right place! With our expert team who have years of experience in promoting business goals through social media avenues and creating a brand value for our client’s businesses, we could provide you with customized creative and innovative techniques that would help you accomplish your business objectives at affordable prices!

So, if you’re in anticipation to build your brand value or want to improve your online presence in an effective manner by means of SMO (Social media Optimization) services, then mail us your concern at


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