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Hi. My name is Guang Yu and I joined your service today. I want to Congratulate both of you on your Outstanding Website Optimization Membership Program. For over 5 years now I have spent thousands of hours researching the internet and pouring over all kinds of different web sites related to Search Engine Optimization and I would like you to know that in my opinion this is By Far the Best Value for the money I have spent. I know this web site and the relationships I will develop will help me in my Internet Consulting Business as well as help me improve the ranking of my own web sites. Thanks A Million for being so willing to share your knowledge with others at such a good price.

Guang Yu -

I am continuing on in this program with your effort & results, and I am truly truly impressed with the depth of information and the explanations that are geared to real people, not tech-heads. I am digesting a little at a time, and I may even try your guided "ON page and Off page " method for this site. Then I will be taking all of this and applying it to my new site design. I rank very high but I want to be higher! And I know that I will find a few more "gems" here in these pages.

Thank you Manmeet!
Donna Donohue KidoImages LLC

Manmeet, Wow -- to take a site from zero visibility to top positions in just 3 months is extremely impressive!! Congratulations! Hard to beat that kind of success! .......you've been serving as a chat moderator for us, which is always impressive. It shows that you completed your training, but you're staying connected to what's happening in the industry and networking with others, even to the point of helping others down the same path.

Robin Nobles
Academy of Web Specialists

I am so pleased with the experts behind Seo Services India. They really know their stuff and I have learned a great deal from them. If you are looking for website optimization services, I highly recommend your Seo company to others.

Michelle Clancy

Thanks for the update. I have seen a significant increase in traffic. Unique visitors have gone from around 200 per day to over 700 per day. Orders though have by around 25% - 30%. Hopefully everything will continue to increase.

Jeff Fain
Dependable Printing
Printing Services - Business Promotion
Invitations - Announcements - Gifts & Favors

It appears our site's ranking is improving everyday. Good Job!
Look forward to see much improving...

Jason Han
Bio Bidet of UCI - The Bidet Company

It shows me that you care about us and that you are doing everything you can to keep us ranked as high as possible.

Paul Cummings
VP Marketing

It was privilege to speak with you today as well! I am so happy that I touched base with you as you are a great bearer of information and, more importantly, such a nice person . :)

Thanks so much for providing a summary of your key points. I will implement each one, hoping that our web pages can be further optimized.

I will tell anyone who is interested in search engine optimization to consider your services as well. I am so appreciative for everything that you've done for us.

Manmeet, again, I am very glad to have connected with you. Please keep in touch. I hope that you attain all your dreams and aspirations in 2015!

Small Business Merchant Accounts

Thank you for making Search Engine Marketing my "one-stop" website for critical SEO information.

Deborah Nolen
Designing Bytes

Now that my sites are being indexed in the search engines, I am so excited. Everyday I wake up, I can't wait to view my stats to see what spiders have crawled my pages and what engines have indexed me. I also love to see that I am ranked well and listed on the first or second pages. I know that people generally do not go beyond 3 pages deep when searching for a topic so this makes me ecstatic!

Joyce Head Designer - Bumble Bee Studio


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